The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Human Growth Hormone

What Are the Advantages?

There certainly are numerous advantages to using HGH products. One of the primary benefits is to remedy the deficiency of natural HGH in the body. By normalizing the HGH levels in their body, these hormones prevent growth problems such as dwarfism and give people the chance for normal growth.

Based on facts found in this website it is not only people with growth abnormalities who can benefit from the use of human growth hormones. As a matter of fact, most of the people who use these products are not only perfectly normal but are in the peak of health as well. This is because majority of HGH users are professional athletes who want to further boost their performance in their sport.

The regular use of HGH not only makes the muscles grow bigger but also boosts strength, increases bone density, enhances the immune system and improves cardiovascular health, all of which are highly desirable for better overall health. Although HGH drugs are not really used for cosmetic purposes, also included among the indirect consequences of regular HGH use are healthier and faster-growing hair as well as clearer and revitalized skin.

What Are the Disadvantages?

Just as anything else in this imperfect world, HGH also comes with some disadvantages, the most obvious of which is the very high price. DNA recombination, which is the main process used for the manufacturing of synthetic HGH products, is a very tedious and complicated procedure that entails significant expenses. Naturally, the expenses incurred are passed on to the end consumer.

These days, a daily dosage of HGH costs anywhere from US$75 to US$100. At first, this does not seem like such an extravagant expense but then you will quickly realize that HGH treatments do not consist of just a few days worth of drugs. In order to enjoy long-term benefits from HGH therapy, one needs to undergo lengthy treatment that usually lasts several months.

On the average, a year-long treatment would cost approximately US$20,000. This extremely high cost is the primary reason why HGH therapies are much more common among rich celebrities and athletic pros and are not that prevalent among the ordinary middle class people.

Next to the high price, another frequently cited disadvantage of HGH is the risk of side effects. The first synthetic HGH product was created and made available to the public only within the last three decades. In other words, although the methods used in manufacturing HGH drugs today are highly advanced and thoroughly tested, the product is still relatively new.

The drug has gathered an impressive following since it was first launched but the fact remains that there may still be unknown risks caused by these treatments. The risk becomes even higher if the drug is not used with prudence, which is certainly a possibility especially with young users who are eager to have a bigger and stronger body in the least amount of time possible.

Finally, many people are hesitant to use the HGH drug because it is traditionally only available as an injectible hormone. If you wanted to experience the benefits it has to offer, you would have to stick a needle into your body every single day or have someone do it for you, both of which are not very delightful prospects for most people.  For more on HGH injections click here now!


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